Thursday, October 21, 2021


Tools for Earning Community Trust

Brief Description

This is a one day interactive workshop that identifies what businesses must do to earn public trust essential for obtaining approval for their projects.


Heightening Awareness: Your team must thoroughly understand how the proposed project aligns with community values and vision. This is done through Inreach.

Defining the Narrative: Your project should read like a story that contextualizes the proposed project within the community. This is done through Integration.

Building Connections: Your communications should be written for the persons, places, things that can be affected by the proposal. This is done through Digital Outreach.

Allowing for Pauses: Your timeline should provide breaks in the process to allow time for reflection and careful consideration. This is done through Study Breaks.

Planning for Convergence: Your strategies should designed and implemented so that citizens can arrive at similar points starting from different directions. This is done through Consensual Planning.

Focusing on Sustainability: Your reputation managers manage the process, keep lines of communication open, respond to questions, hear complaints and provide information as needed throughout the life of the project. This is done through Critical Maintenance.

Who Should Attend Project managers, team leaders, communications directors, reputation managers and attorneys with a civic practice.

How to Sign Up Please contact Civic Practice Group at for more information about this workshop.

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