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Online Reputation Auditing

What is

Citizens use the web to inform their opinions about projects, plans and campaigns in the civic arena. They do their research and share their opinions with one another on blogs, wikis and other forms of social media. Many citizens also use these forums to start new discussions about your business that others are invited to join. This is known as citizen-generated media (CGM). It is free and easy for anyone, including your competitors, to create CGM that will turn up in the results of a simple Google search.

Now that nearly everyone has access to the Internet it is critically important to regularly monitor what is being said online about your business and projects. An online reputation audit tracks the opinions of Internet users and reports on actions that should be taken to respond to such opinions. Monitoring online discussions creates the opportunity to take action and resolve community relations problems or respond to misinformation, both of which can negatively influence your project and your reputation.

Our Method

Step 1:  Keyword Study
We work with our clients to identify the scope of the audit. It is essential that all relevant keywords associated with your business and project be carefully considered before the audit begins. Most audits are ongoing throughout the life of a project and sometimes well beyond its conclusion. Changes to the scope of the audit and keyword list are regularly part of our online reputation auditing process.

Step 2: Daily Monitoring
You must analyze your current online reputation before attempting to build upon it. We utilize redundant strategies to monitor what is being said about your business or project on the Internet every 10 minutes. In addition to soliciting data directly from the search engines we also utilize multiple reputation management tools to provide the most complete monitoring services available on the net today. Monitoring provides updated snapshots of all information, positive or negative, that appears on blogs and in other social media about your business or project.

Step 3: Analytical Report
In addition to providing daily monitoring results, we also prepare periodic reports that analyze trends in these results. These reports are intended to provide useful information about online public opinion and guidance as to best practices for managing the online reputation of your business or project. We can issues reports daily, weekly, monthly or at other intervals depending upon the needs of the project or campaign.

Schedule Monitoring is performed every 10 minutes and the results are reported directly to your designee. We issue reports as regularly as your team and project require.

Confidentiality All findings are kept completely confidential, as are any data and information about your project. Nothing about any client engagement is ever communicated to anybody else.


► Keyword Studies are prepared with the input of your reputation manager.

► Daily Monitoring results are issued throughout the day whenever new information about your business or project appears on the Internet.

► Analytical Reports based upon data generated through monitoring results are prepared at regular intervals.

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