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Business Coaching for In-House Communications Professionals

What is social media? People use social networks to give and seek advice for the purpose of making more informed decisions that lead to more desirable outcomes. Social media is the means by which people transmit and receive advice, information and messages. Examples of social media are blogs, wikis, social bookmarks and video logs.

Why should
business care
about social media?
Two reasons. First, social media will help you connect with the people who generally form opposition groups--stakeholders, concerned citizens and advocacy groups. Second, networking with other social media users is a very important part of explaining yourself and your project. Even if you neglect the swirl of social media surrounding your business or project the online conversations will go on with or without you. Manage your online reputation or other social media users will do it for you.

How we help
your team
Networking on the Internet poses a unique set of challenges with which many in-house communications professionals are not accustomed. We offer bi-weekly coaching on technology and strategy to assist with managing aggregators and RSS Feeds, blogging content and format (TypePad, Wordpress, Blogger), microblogging (e.g. Twitter and Jaiku) and video blogging, podcasting production and distribution, photo sharing (e.g. Flickr and Photobucket), social bookmarks (Delicious and Magnolia), social networks (e.g. MySpace and Facebook), pliggs (Digg and StumbleUpon), influencer research (e.g. Technorati, Buzzmetrics), tagging, wikis and Wikipedia.

We also offering a two-day on-site training program for staff with no background or experience in online communications. On the first day we work with your in-house communications professionals on the Tools for Earning Community Trust. The following day is devoted to methods of building and managing social media. The cost of this two day on-site program is $3,500 plus travel expenses.

Schedule Business coaching is provided via teleconference on a bi-weekly basis to assist your in-house communications professionals. We offer this coaching on 90 day intervals until your in-house staff is comfortable to go it alone.

Confidentiality All findings are kept completely confidential, as are any data and information about your project. Nothing about any client engagement is ever communicated to anybody else.


We will support your in-house communications professionals with coaching that will help them:

► Add to your social media channels--blog, podcast, photo, video or wiki.

► Understand the basics of social media tools, which ones are best utilized for business and how to write it effectively for the net.

► dentify key influencers and understand how to listen and effectively join the conversation.

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