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About Civic Practice Group

The mission of the Civic Practice Group is simple: Providing online community relations products and services to help business start or join conversations about their projects and campaigns.

Online community relations products are mission-oriented and they depend on authentic communications, open access to information and ongoing dialogue. Traditional public relations strategies applied in online environments do not induce deliberation, do not build trust and do not support dialogue. Digital Outreach encompasses all aspects of online interaction between the public and your company, your services and your products.

The purpose of Digital Outreach is to start and maintain conversations that build trust and understanding, but it can be used to respond directly to comments, inquiries and misinformation about what is being said online about your plans and ideas.


Who We Are Civic Practice Group is an expert on public participation in decision-making processes. We help you develop project-based citizen-centered civic engagement strategies and processes.


What We Do We help you restructure your traditional community relations programs to bring about greater understanding and less public opposition to your plans and projects. Our goal is sustainable, effective improvement in community relations, and for this, it is essential to examine the plan, project or campaign in light of corporate culture and goals. We help establish processes that improve dialogue and promote understanding. Even when we provide a Digital Outreach strategy for a single project or campaign, the main value is not so much the improvements in community relations in that case as it is the conceptual insights that you and your staff can apply yourself to future projects.

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